Vegan & Vegetarian

Consumer interest in vegan and vegetarian supplement products has grown exponentially in recent years. The modern consumer not only wants a product that works for them, but one that is also sustainable and ethically produced.

Rocket Science Supplements products are a win-win for you, your future clients, and the planet. Whether you want a range of plant-based, vegan, or any other specification, our experienced Formulators can help to develop a naturally sourced supplement.

supporting a vegan lifestyle through supplements

The human body’s needs are complex, and the day-to-day nutrients we all need to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle can easily be missed. This is where Rocket Science Supplements can create your bespoke formulation to target your consumer demographic.

Rocket Science Supplements are experts in vegan supplement manufacturing. To create bespoke vegan and vegetarian softgels we use Pea Starch. This offers excellent film forming properties for the manufacture of non-gelatin softgels. This ensures that the finished product has exceptional quality, strength, is non-sticky, clear and shiny. We manufacture vegan two-piece capsules which contain 100% plant-based products as per your ingredient specifications. And, as always, our specialist Formulators are there to offer guidance and support through the development of your product.

Cutting edge of vegan and vegetarian supplement technology

Maintaining a balanced diet whilst on the go can be challenging, and many consumers manage this with the use of powder blends. Our bespoke blended powders can be sprinkled on to food, mixed into smoothies or shakes, or simply added to drinks like water or juice.

packaging your vegan/vegetarian supplement

Packaging is the final touch for your supplement and the marketing of a product is often just as important as the quality of the product itself. We can source custom packaging for your supplement projects through to labels and cartons.

Create Your Vegan/Vegetarian Supplement In Three Easy Steps

Step 1 - Formualtion

Bespoke Formulation Through to Development and Manufacturing.

We can create a formulation unique to your requirements, with our expertise and knowledge we can manufacture a product that meets your idea.

Step 2 - Branding

Custom Branding and Packaging Through to Delivery.

We can  help and create a full labelling and packaging experience for each of your products, which meets your budget.

Step 3 - Your supplement is complete

Taking Delivery.

It is “Not Rocket Science”, we deliver on time and in full.

Ready to create your own vegan/vegetarian supplement range?

Discuss your requirements with us today.

We will help create a bespoke Vegan range that represents your brand and ethos. Our team will advise and guide you through current market trends ensuring you have the right product for your target consumer.

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