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Men’s Health Supplements


Bespoke men’s health supplement manufacturing and contract packing services made simple by the experts at Rocket Science Supplements.

With over £400k invested into research and development and machinery, we have earned the position of the UK’s leading small batch and CBD supplement manufacturer.  You can be confident that no matter what you are looking for we have the equipment and the expertise to deliver.

About Our Bespoke Men’s Health Supplements

We are the UK’s leading small batch vitamin, mineral and supplement manufacturers. The company produces tens of thousands capsules and tablets a week from our two state of the art facilities in Yorkshire.

Our reputation for producing quality products and flexibility in adapting to the modern retail environment, has resulted in the company providing contract manufacturing for many global vitamin and supplement brands. We also work with customers or existing retailers looking to develop new private label vitamin and supplement lines or brands.

Operating to the highest quality and manufacturing standards, Rocket Science Supplements offers the broadest range of vitamin and supplement formulations available for in a multitude of different product formats.

Rocket Science Supplements can manufacture bespoke formulations for a wide range of naturally boosting products

Supporting a good night’s sleep

Natural supplements designed to support your mind and body, helping you unwind and get a deeper night’s rest.

Helping you feel calmer and happier

Natural supplements formulated with pick-me-up formulas designed to combat stress, anxiety and mood fluctuations, whilst enhancing mental wellbeing and rejuvenating mind and body.

Supporting your energy levels

Natural supplements that offer energy-optimising formulas designed to help your body recharge and recover, so that you can maximise your physical performance.

Supporting all aspects of your fertility

Our natural fertility supplements uses intelligent formulas designed to boost male fertility, supporting men to successfully conceive.

Helping you build and maintain a strong defence system

Our natural supplements use powerful blends of nutrients and antioxidants designed to strengthen your immune system, providing you with year-round protection.

Supporting your everyday wellbeing

Our supplements are designed to optimise essential functions to keep you feeling at your best, supporting your mind and body.

Supporting your hormone regulation and production

Rocket Science Supplements are expertly formulated with a full spectrum of nutrients, supporting all aspects of hormonal health.

Supporting your fitness & recovery

Natural supplements designed to provide a full spectrum of nutrients and essential building blocks to ensure your body performs at its best.

Three simple steps and you can bring your product to market

Step 1: Choose your Formulation

You can create something truly unique with help from our experts. From general wellness, sports nutrition and men and womens health.

Step 2: Develop your Branding

You can create something truly unique with help from our experts. From general wellness, sports nutrition and men and womens health.

Step 3: Take Delivery

You can create something truly unique with help from our experts. From general wellness, sports nutrition and men and womens health.

Bringing your Bespoke Men’s Health Supplements to Market.


We can formulate your products from various starting points:

  • Just an idea or health concern you have using our team of nutritionists and scientists
  • Transforming your current products into liquid formats
  • Formulating to specs or to compete with products already on the market

From our experience we can advise on what is possible in liquid formats and we will fast prototype formulations in our laboratories to check stability and let customers try before committing. We can also give early theoretical pricing to help guide development.


Quality is at the heart of everything we do at Nutrivitality and quality standards are an essential way of measuring our pursuit to make the best quality products. Nutrivitality is cGMP accredited and operates to ISO9001. We also welcome many customer audits each year for different sectors of the market and will be accredited to BRC in Q1 2021. We have multiple manufacturing and packing lines in our custom-build facility to offer flexibility and timely delivery.


Packaging is the final touch for products and the marketing of a product is often just as important as the quality of the product itself. We can source custom packaging for your projects from the actual vessels the liquid supplements come in through to the labelling and cartons.


We have excellent relationships with suppliers all over the world and are constantly reviewing the market to continue the pursuit for the very best raw ingredients that meet our exacting standards in quality, purity and sustainability.

We source the best raw materials that fit our products and typically have multiple suppliers for the same ingredient to allow for fluctuations in the market and availability. We have also brought in-house a number of technologies to prevent us from relying on particular technical raw ingredients and have several options for particularly expensive ingredients where some market prices cannot always tolerate the most expensive ingredients.

Chat With A Men’s Health Supplement Expert.

Get the advice you need to get your new revenue stream off the ground and speak to a Rocket Science Supplement expert today.

Why Choose Us


Experts at small batch orders.

We work with customers from the concept of their new revenue stream all the way through to scaling it to any size they want. We understand the challenges, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.


Fast Delivery Times

Having all our own manufacturing and branding capabilities means we work fast. 


Clear and Transparent Pricing

You will always know exactly what your unit costs are and at what order volumes you’ll unlock additional discounts.

Discuss your requirements with us today.

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