At Rocket Science Supplements we are able to provide you with a fully finished bespoke private label powder supplement.

Exceptional powder Quality

As an industry leader within the VMS and sports nutrition market, you can be guaranteed that your finished product is of the highest quality as per your bespoke formulation.

From pre-workouts and proteins to water soluble blends, we can help formulate as well as manufacture your supplement using only the highest quality sustainable ingredients.


Depending on your bespoke powder blend, our minimum order quantity is 10kg

Cutting edge of powder supplement technology

Powder based vitamin and mineral supplements are increasing in demand and popularity due to their versatility. Blended powders can be sprinkled on to food, mixed into smoothies or shakes, or simply added to drinks like water or juice. Powders are often perceived by consumers as being a more “natural” product, and as such have become a popular choice for many brands. We have the capability to blend both flavoured and unflavoured powders and pack them into pouches, pots, tubs or containers, or bulk kegs.

packaging your powder supplement

We can provide a service for every part of the manufacturing process. From formulation, through to branding, labelling, packaging and design. Our team of industry experts will assist you through the entire process.

Create Your Powder Supplement In Three Easy Steps

Step 1 - Capsule formualtion

Bespoke Formulation Through to Development and Manufacturing.

We can create a formulation unique to your requirements, with our expertise and knowledge we can manufacture a product that meets your idea.

Step 2 - Capsule branding

Custom Branding and Packaging Through to Delivery.

We can  help and create a full labelling and packaging experience for each of your products, which meets your budget.

Step 3 - Your capsule supplement is complete

Taking Delivery.

It is “Not Rocket Science”, we deliver on time and in full.

Ready to create your own powder supplement range?

Discuss your requirements with us today.

We will help create a bespoke powder blend range that represents your brand and ethos. Our team will advise and guide you through current market trends ensuring you have the right product for your target consumer.

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