Gel & Cream

From bespoke moisturisers and skin treatments to anti-ageing serums and gels, at Rocket Science Supplements we can manufacture your custom range of Private Label Skin care and Private Label Cosmetics for any market sector or application.

Exceptional gel and cream Quality

Our Research and Development department are constantly sourcing and adding new ingredients and formulas to remain in the forefront of the market.

With Rocket Science Supplements we will develop and create a product which represents your brand as you want it to be seen, and that represents your values and ethos.

Cutting edge of gel and cream supplement technology

We have a successful track record of manufacturing products which target specific consumer demographics. Whether it be a budget friendly or a premium luxury product you want to bring to market, we have the expertise to formulate and manufacture your desired product.

packaging your gel or cream supplement

We can supply your finished products in a wide variety of packaging including bottles, jars, and tubes. We can also help you source fully recyclable and sustainable packaging.

Create Your Gel or Cream Supplement In Three Easy Steps

Step 1 - Supplement formulation

Bespoke Formulation Through to Development and Manufacturing.

We can create a formulation unique to your requirements, with our expertise and knowledge we can manufacture a product that meets your idea.

Step 2 - Supplement branding

Custom Branding and Packaging Through to Delivery.

We can  help and create a full labelling and packaging experience for each of your products, which meets your budget.

Step 3 - Your supplement is complete

Taking Delivery.

It is “Not Rocket Science”, we deliver on time and in full.

Ready to create your own gel or cream supplement range?

Discuss your requirements with us today.

We will help create bespoke gels and creams that represents your brand and ethos. Our team will advise and guide you through current market trends ensuring you have the right product for your target consumer.

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