Bespoke Supplement Formulations Made Simple

by Rocket Science Supplements

Step 1

Bespoke Formulation Through to Development and Manufacturing.

We can create a formulation unique to your requirements, with our expertise and knowledge we can manufacture a product that meets your idea.

Step 2

Custom Branding and Packaging Through to Delivery. 

We can  help and create a full labelling and packaging experience for each of your products, which meets your budget.

Step 3

Taking Delivery.

It is “Not Rocket Science”, we deliver on time and in full.

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Bespoke Supplement Manufacturing Services.

Supplement Tablets

Tablet Supplements

Rocket Science Supplements has the capacity to produce tablets of all shapes and sizes, from batch sizes as small as 10,000 (dependent on formulation).

Supplement Powders

Powder Supplements

Powdered blend supplements can provide exceptional health, fitness, and lifestyle nutrition. In an easy dosage format. We can offer from 1kg to 1000kg+, our Formulators and industry experts can help you develop a nutritional supplement and bespoke to you.

Supplement Soft Gel Capsules

Soft Gel Capsule Supplements

Our newest addition to our manufacturing suite, we are now able to supply softgel capsules on a small or large scale in various sizes.

Supplement Encapsulation

Encapsulated Supplements

Two-piece hard shell encapsulation – we can fill vegetarian/gelatin two piece capsules in various sizes on our semi-automatic machines to meet your requirements.

Supplement Gels & Creams

Gel & Cream Supplements

We can make various gels and creams and we already have creams that meets cosmetics license requirements.

Bespoke supplement manufacture and contract packing made simple.

formulate your supplement

We can formulate your products from various starting points:

  • Just an idea or health concern you have using our team of nutritionists and scientists.
  • Transforming your current ideas into a format that suits your needs.
  • Formulating to your specifications or to match with products already on the marketplace if viable.

From our experience we can advise on what is possible in the format of your choice. We will create a formulation that meets your requirements and when signed off we can start production.

manufacture your supplement

Quality is at the heart of everything we do at Rocket Science Supplements and quality standards are an essential way of measuring our pursuit to make the best quality products. Rocket Science Supplements is working towards cGMP accreditation and operates to ISO9001 standards. We have the flexibility to create and turn around various product variants in a quick and orderly fashion. 

packaging your supplment

Packaging is the final touch for products and the marketing of a product is often just as important as the quality of the product itself. We can source custom packaging for your projects from the actual vessels for whichever supplement you choose, through to labels and cartons.

Source ingrediants for your supplement

We have excellent relationships with approved suppliers from all around the world and are constantly reviewing the market to continue the pursuit for the very best raw ingredients that meet our exacting standards in quality, purity and sustainability.

We source the best raw materials that fit your products and typically have multiple suppliers for the same ingredient to allow for fluctuations in the market and availability.

Why Choose Rocket Science Supplements?


Experts at small batch orders

We work with customers from the concept of their new revenue stream all the way through to scaling it to any size they want. We understand the challenges, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.


Fast Delivery Times

Having all our own manufacturing and branding capabilities means we work fast. 


Clear and Transparent Pricing

You will always know exactly what your unit costs are and at what order volumes you’ll unlock additional discounts.

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